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We are a small, veteran owned company specializing in providing security consulting and training.

We pride ourselves in providing ordinary citizens with affordable and relevant training in crucial areas of personal protection. Our public classes range in topics that include, but are not limited to, firearms, self defense, safety, and basic first aid and traumatic wound care. 

We also provide our corporate clients with training in workplace violence, active shooter response, crisis management and First Aid/CPR certification. 

Company Mission

Our Mission Is To Provide Comprehensive And Relevant Training For Individuals And Corporations Who Want To Enhance Their Personal Safety And Overall Security.

Professional Services With Real Experience. 

Our Team

Chris Shay

Owner and Chief Instructor for Trident Security Solutions. 

Chris has an extensive professional background as a Paramedic, a Police Officer and Private Security Consultant.

He has enjoyed 35 years in Emergency Medical Services beginning his career as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy, then becoming a Basic EMT for the State of Ohio. He subsequently became a certified Paramedic and recently retired as a full time Emergency Paramedic for a busy county EMS system. 

He worked 17 years as a part time police officer; Two of those years he served as a narcotic canine handler. With the help of his partner Kimo, Chris was instrumental in bringing a police canine program to a small Ohio village that was experiencing heavy drug trafficking through the village. 

Besides his duties as a paramedic, he also works as a security contractor for a private security company specializing in offering executive protection for traveling dignitaries and celebrities. 

When not working, Chris is very active in his church, volunteering as the church safety team coordinator. He leads a group of armed men and women who provide security and medical response for a congregation of up to 2,000 people.

In order to stay current and in shape, he is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he currently holds the rank of blue belt. 


Jeanette Shay

Jeanette holds many positions in the company. Her main role in the company is as the Chief Financial Officer where she handles all of the company's books and attempts to control the spending habits of the company's owner. 

Besides being the CFO, Jeanette is also a very accomplished NRA certified Range Safety Officer (RSO)

She is often the gracious and welcoming host to many of our public classes where she greets the students in order to put them at ease and she often provides a delicious lunch. 

She assists in many of the firearms programs as well as many of the self defense classes. Don't let the sweet smile fool you, she will mess you up if you cross her or her puppies at home.  


Jon Carper

Jon is a decorated combat veteran of the United States Army, Navy and the Coast Guard. He is our senior instructor assisting in all of our firearm classes as well as the corporate training.  


Julianna Reed

Julianna is an assistant instructor with our Self Defense program. She is an accomplished Jiu Jitsu practitioner achieving the rank of Blue Belt after several years in the sport. She is a highly decorated competitor with many gold medals in her collection. 

Nicholas Millitello

Nick is a highly experienced shooter of both the carbine and the pistol. He is a national certified EMT currently in school to become a Paramedic. He assists us with all of our firearms classes as well as our trauma and triage classes. 

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