Sept 18

"CCW" Class

Izaak Walton Sportsman's Club

2240 County Road 170

Fremont, Ohio 43420

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

DO NOT rely on GPS

8 hour Concealed Handgun License (CCW) course

Course Information:

- 6 hours of classroom instruction

- 2 hours of safe firearms handling and live fire (on the gun range)

- learn the characteristics of semi automatic pistols and revolvers

- learn safe firearm handling

- learn proper storage of firearms and ammunition

- learn rights and responsibilities of gun owners.

As required by law, students are given an internet link on Ohio Concealed Carry and the rules and regulations are covered very thoroughly. One of our primary goals is to ensure that each student knows and understands the Ohio CHL laws prior to applying for a permit.

Absolutely no firearms or live ammunition in the classroom.

Each student is requested to bring:

- appropriate clothing for the weather

- photo identification

- a pen and paper

- a firearm

- eye and ear protection

- 75 rounds of ammunition.


A firearm, ammunition and eye and ear protection can be provided to students for an additional $50 fee.

Due to the increase in ammunition costs, we regrettably have to increase the cost of the gun rental fee. 

Because of the global pandemic, lunch will not be provided. All students are encouraged to bring their own lunch, coffee, drinks and snacks. Refrigeration and a microwave is available for use. 

Trident Firearms Training reserves the right to remove students from classes due to violation(s) of firearms safety rules with no refund of class fees.


Successful completion of this class is based on adequate class participation, successfully passing the written exam and firearms proficiency test. 

Course fee: $85.00 per student.

Reschedule and Cancel Policy

  • RESCHEDULING:  While we do not offer refunds, we will be happy to reschedule your class when you provide us with at least 48 hours notice before your scheduled class . Rescheduling is subject to seating availability and/or discretion of Trident. Rescheduling fees may apply.  * Limit one reschedule per ticket. 

  • MISSED CLASS:   Should you miss your class without advanced notice  or are a "no-call-no-show"  you may reschedule with a paid rescheduling fee. 

  • BE ON TIME: You must be on time to your scheduled class and to the range. The State of Ohio sets forth time requirements that need to be met by each student. Classes will begin promptly at the scheduled time. Students arriving late will be asked to reschedule and will be assessed a rescheduling fee.  Due to state requirements, we cannot allow exceptions to this policy for any reason.  We are glad to discuss this with you. 

  • CLASS CANCELLATIONS: Trident Security Solutions reserves the right to cancel any class due to enrollment, inclement weather or any other reason.  In the event of a cancellation, students will be notified by email,  and options for refunds or rescheduling will be provided. 

  • SAFETY: Any student exhibiting unruly, disruptive or unsafe behavior in the class or on the range will be asked to leave to class. At the discretion of the instructor the dismissed student may be invited to join another class or banned from any future classes. 


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