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Youth Self Defense/  Response to Bullying
August 20, 2021
Iron and Soul Jiu Jitsu 
1710 W. McPherson Highway
Clyde, Ohio 

Another school year is about to begin. 
Is your child prepared to protect themselves.
Trident is hosting another Youth Self Defense and Response to Bullying clinic on August 20th at 1:00 pm. 
This 3 hour clinic will focus on 
Responding to threats
Recognizing pre-attack indicators
How to use self fear as an advantage
Simple and easy-to-remember tactics to defend against an attack
Use of effective distractions to escape
Discuss the harm in bullying
Learn effective ways to avoid bullying
Distinguishing between bullying and assault
This course is taught by a male and female team experienced in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the lead instructor is a former law enforcement officer.
Recommended ages for this class are 8 to 14. Guardians are required to sign waiver forms and stay present for the class. 
Register online at

The cost is only $35.00 per student. 

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