Defensive Handgun

Private Outdoor Shooting Range

3126 East County Road 113

Green Springs, Ohio

June 19th, 2021

9:00 a.m.


This will be an 8 hour intermediate level handgun class. This course is designed for the “CCW” holder who wants to take their training to the next level.

Class will focus on:

       Review of basic firearms handling.

       Drawing from a holstered position

       Dynamic and variable magazine changes

       Resolving pistol stoppages and malfunctions

       Engaging multiple targets from various distances and positions

       Basic weapon retention

       The effects of the reactionary gap

       Rapid target acquisition

       “Stop the Bleed” traumatic wound control.


Cost of this class is $100 per student.

Each student will be required to provide

* a valid Ohio CHL,

   a compact size, or larger, semi automatic pistol,

   a quality holster (appendix or strong side only) with a sturdy belt,

   a minimum of 3 magazines,

   300 rounds of ammunition

   and eye and ear protection.

   A magazine holder/holster is helpful but not required.

Students should bring a cover garment such as a light coat. Bring water, snacks and a light lunch. 

There is no electricity or indoor plumbing on location. 

All medical equipment and materials will be provided.

June 19th