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Send Me

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?'. Then I said, 'Here am I, send me!' Though it's origins come from biblical scripture, many others have taken the attitude associated with that verse and used it to signify a willingness to answer the call to duty.

When the Philistine army gathered their forces to meet the Israelites in a valley of Judah they greatly intimidated the Semitic force. Goliath, a gigantic, battle hardened Philistine soldier, stood in front of the Israeli army. For forty days he loudly challenged the best Israeli soldier to fight him. None of the Israeli soldiers answered. They were all afraid of the gigantic warrior. A young shepherd was bringing food to the Israeli army and heard of the challenge. The shepherd was summoned by the King and told the King he would destroy the enemy soldier. In his own way David was telling the King, "Send Me!" He ended up slaying the giant with nothing more then a sling and five smooth rocks.

In the days after the September 11th attacks on the United States, over 181 thousand Americans enlisted into active duty service of the armed forces. Many of them claimed they were inspired by the tragic events of 9/11. Young men and women left their homes to answer a call to duty. Many left their jobs, their families and their safe lives. They found themselves in sand filled and rocky lands. They worked in sweltering heat with little to no air conditioning. They learned to sleep wherever they could. Some nights that would be in their truck. Other nights it was in a makeshift fox hole on the side of some foreign highway. For sailors on a ship it would be a three-high stacked bunk rack with a two inch mattress. Those in submarines would "hot bunk" it. That means two crew members share a bunk. While one is working, the other one sleeps in the bunk. At the end of the shift, they would switch. Some soldiers and sailors came home broken - broken inside and out. Tragically, some didn't come home at all. But each one of them who "signed up" stepped forward and pledged a solemn oath. They raised their right hand and essentially pledged, "send me!"

Every day in America brave fire fighters don their uniforms and report for duty. They respond to life threatening emergencies so that others may live. Many of them make huge sacrifices. They sacrifice valuable sleep, their health, and sometimes, their lives. Their families make huge sacrifices as well. Missed birthdays, kids' sporting events and anniversaries. As they strap on their air masks and prepare to run into burning buildings that others are running out of, they say, "send me!"

A 22 year old legally armed citizen was in the mall with his girlfriend when he heard rapid fire gunshots. An assailant had entered the mall bathroom with two long rifles and a pistol. After an hour of waiting, he exited the bathroom and began indiscriminately firing. With no regard for his own safety the armed citizen rushed to the sound of the violence and engaged the mass shooter with his own semi automatic handgun. Having well trained proficiency and skill, he successfully neutralized the threat. Though three victims died that day, the 'well trained good guy with a gun' saved countless other lives. If not him, then who?

"Send me", he said!

A young, married couple feel called to international missionary work. They have chosen to serve the Lord in a predominantly Muslim country where Christians are often beat for sharing the gospel. They know the risk they take. They carry with them the Armor of God. They have decided that the reward of reaching the needy is greater then the risk of injury. They are answering a divine call for service. Who shall I send?

As a team, their resounding response is, "Here we are Lord, send us".

A woman yearns for change in the political climate of her community. She believes things can be better and that she can make a difference. She believes the surest way to have effective change, is to be part of the change. She knows it will be difficult and possibly subject her to criticism and hate. But she has ideas and a plan. She has the willingness to put herself in the spotlight in hopes of being a beacon for positive change. She feels a calling to service. She steps up, signs her name and says, "send me".

We need men and women willing, able and capable of running toward the challenge. Stepping up and doing the right thing. Not for glory. Not for fame. Not for reward. Stepping up and doing the hard thing - whatever that may be. It may not be popular. It may not be safe. But, it's necessary.

Someone has to do it.

Someone has to say, SEND ME! Why not you!

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